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Discover the joy of living consciously and mindfully, with intention and purpose. Master the art of living in the present moment, embracing authenticity, and nurturing deeper connections with others, and more importantly with your self.
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Tina, her Husband and her Son

Hi I’m Tina 

I am a Certified Conscious Parenting and Life Coach trained by Dr. Shefali in her Conscious Coaching Institute, where I also serve as an Advisor. I am also trained in Trauma-Informed care through Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry program.

I truly love what I do, because it works! Dr. Shefali’s unique approach seamlessly blends the wisdom of Eastern Philosophy with the principles of Western Psychology, creating a powerful framework for transformation.

It has been my honor to help families, couples, children and individuals, finally arrive at a place of love, harmony and peace. My passion is to help YOU discover the jewels of conscious living in your own life. I look forward to guiding you on your path to greater consciousness. Together we will explore greater self-awareness, empathy and effective communication, to foster authentic connections in your life. Let’s embark together on this transformative journey to your greatest awakening.

Conscious Parenting & Life Coaching

conscious self coaching

Conscious Individual Coaching

Empower your personal growth, uncover your triggers, break unhealthy patterns, and deepen self-awareness. This journey will help you discover your true self and cultivate a more mindful and fulfilling life.

1-hour ($225 USD)
conscious self coaching

Conscious Parenting Coaching

This Paradigm shifting approach pioneered by Dr. Shefali, focuses on connection rather than correction with your children. It is about healing the parent instead of fixing the child. Nurture both parent and child, replacing parenting stress with joy and harmony.

1-hour ($225 USD)
Conscious Relationships Coaching

Conscious Relationships Coaching

Foster a deeper, more mindful connection with your partner. Through self-awareness and conscious communication learn how to be fully present and engaged and create a dynamic of love, respect and harmony that will compliment your journey together.

1-hour ($225 USD)


Image collages of moms thinking

What is the voice in your head saying to you today?

At this moment…as you read this…
What is the story it’s telling you?
Is it MEAN?
Is it LOUD?
Chances are that this voice belongs to your conditioned mind
from your past, and is not your true voice.
This critical voice lived in my head for years and was passed
down from generation to generation.

Are you ready to...

Disrupt this voice?
Break the generational pattern?
Find your authentic voice?
Set yourself and your future generations free?!?

If this resonates, I invite you to join me
for my 6-session supportive workshop,
“Moms in our Heads”! Together we can
unlock your true potential and
create a new internal dialogue.

What Clients Have to Say

“Tina Daroowalla served as my coach for several months as I was going through a transformation in my life. Tina helped me tremendously to acknowledge my patterns and face my fears. She gently offered extremely useful tools and methodologies to ease my ambivalence and calm my nerves. Tina is an amazing listener with laser focus, and she has so much empathy and heart. I would highly recommend her as a coach and a mentor.”

Bonnie Geller

“As a mother of three girls 19, 17 and a 13 year olds, I had many destructive patterns and was disconnected from my girls. Tina helped me to navigate how to truly connect with my eldest girl by seeing the love my daughter needed from me. I also learned how to understand and calmly process my 13 year olds challenges and find the root cause of her destructive behaviors in high school. With my middle child I learned to have a fully connected conversation and validate her experience of her childhood pain and struggles. Now I have a wonderful beautiful connected relationship with all three of my girls, being present and allowing them to express themselves and be their true self.”

Armida Valdovinos

“Tina’s soulful sessions raised awareness of my inner voice and taught me to release it. Less anxiety, better sleep, and self-compassion follow. Grateful for Tina’s guidance.”

Zita P.

“As one of the first to participate in this offering in cohort 4, I never looked back. My Mom no longer triggers me, and I am liberated. It’s true! Thank you, Tina, for bringing this wonderful container and making it safe to explore this relationship without judgment or shame and for the lighter moments too. 🤩”

Teri P.

“Tina’s sessions were instrumental in helping me tide through a challenging period in my life. Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach made it easy for me to open up and connect with her. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Vidya Murlidhar

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tina one on one AND in her coaching group, Moms in our Heads. At the time, I was feeling increased anxiety and having what felt like panic attacks about a few really big transitions in my life. For the first time in my life, Tina gave me a safe space to express my unexpressed anger and deepest fears. She helped me realize that I had been trying to repress my feelings with overthinking. Instead, she advised me to sit with myself and allow the feelings of overwhelm. All my life, I had been afraid that the feeling of fear would take over me. She helped me realize the panic in me, just wanting to be witnessed and by the end of our sessions together; I no longer was having panic attacks.

In Moms in our Heads, Tina created a much-needed space for a group of us to feel safe and seen in our collective experiences. Tina helped me recognize that the voice in my head wasn’t mine, but were instead the messages I received in my childhood from my parents. I learned that my self-doubt, criticism, shame, guilt and fear wasn’t me but was from my parents. By the end of our time together I grew in compassion for myself and for my parents. Tina taught me that I have the power to break free from the ‘mom in my head’ and I’m feeling so much freer.”

Diana Salvador

“Tina’s program is transformative, creating a safe space for self-discovery and growth. Her support, kindness, and non-judgmental approach are invaluable. The exercises offered between sessions are impactful. Highly recommend working with Tina, no matter where you are on your inner journey.”

Weronika C.

“Tina is personable, relatable, and has a way of making you feel calm in her presence. She helped me to understand and embody what it truly means to connect with my child. I highly recommend Tina to anyone looking to connect with themselves and to grow.”

Michael Musey

“Tina helped me beyond words. I am doing what I have learned and I am who I am because of Tina’s help. Since day one I trusted her and she welcomed me with an open heart. The safety, the compassion with non-judgmental approach is what I needed and she gave me with love. She helped me to uncover my age old patterns and made me realize how my people pleasing and rescuing people was just a pattern, it was my false self, my ego. It was huge breakthrough. My connection with my child and others are more present because I have started honoring their path without judgment and I have stopped rescuing them. I know the meaning of presence and choices. Tina is a treasure, an angel in my heart and I am truly grateful for her.”

Priyanka Mishra

“Tina’s sessions revealed my inner critic and the pain of mom’s voice. Grateful for the safe space that fostered self-awareness and self-compassion. Healing has begun!”
Gillian S.

“Highly benefited from the class, doing it twice. Tina created a safe space for me to release the critical mom voice and heal. Transformed my relationship with my mother. Also helped with the strong mother-in-law voice. Recommended for reclaiming inner power and consciousness journey.”
Milena L.

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